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The locotractor is the world's most versatile railway traction vehicle. Locotractors can help operators to reduce the manoeuvring times and offer substantial operative savings thanks to their excellent performance and reduced costs. The 12 locotractor models that Zephir manufactures (with drawbar pulls up to 6,000 tons, and a hitch-bar pull from 30 KN to 300 KN) can replace traditional locomotives to carry out railway manoeuvres more efficiently and economically.



LOK 2.60:      

LOK 4.90:      

LOK 6.110:    

LOK 8.130:    

LOK 10.170:   

LOK 12.210:   

LOK 14.240:   

LOK 16.300:   

LOK 20.300:   

LOK 20.450:   

LOK 22.520:   












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